1 Daily Habit for an Elite Mindset

The difference between good and elite competitors often reflects what’s happening in the now. Elite mindsets don’t simply turn it on during performances, their heightened awareness is sensing what’s going on within and around them at all times. To execute elite behaviors in competition one must be elite at all times. Learn how to effectively train your elite mindset in everything you do.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything
Elite performance outcomes result from countless hours of purposeful, elite training. To ignite your elite mindset you must be elite, eternal. Your thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, actions, and virtually everything you do should flow with an elite mindset. Through an eternally elite mindset you can reinforce how you interpret and respond to everyday stressors, and in turn, you’ll strengthen your ability to be elite in performance, and when it matters most.Consider that your mind is in a constant state of training involving an ongoing feedback loop of relevant criteria. It interprets information from your environment and it strengthens or weakens depending upon how you process such information. You can strengthen your mindset through a present awareness of what’s occurring for you. How you respond in the most seemingly insignificant experiences can impact your mindset’s capability during moments perceived as stressful – traffic jams, long lines at the store, late to practice, etc. Everyday experiences offer great opportunities to train your elite mindset, because how you interpret and respond to everyday situations can influence your capacity to be mentally tough in performance. The next time you find yourself impulsively responding to something trivial, catch yourself in the moment and reframe your appraisal of the situation. Reframing involves changing how you interpret a situation, most often from a negative perception to a constructive or positive one. It’s a skill that must be rehearsed, and lucky for you everyday offers opportunities for reframing.Oftentimes, stressors exist during events that are out of your control. Fretting over them is useless, and negative responses merely undercut opportunities for elite mindset training. From now on, approach stressors as training opportunities. Each opportunity prepares you for the next, and over time these compounding opportunities can strengthen your elite mindset and better prepare you for performance.
I have over ten years of performance training through my experiences in coaching, mental conditioning and edutaining of groups and individual clients. My diverse athletic experiences as a college football player, triathlete, mixed martial artist, and coach, have helped intensify my awareness for cultivating elite-level success across various sport, performance, and tactical disciplines. I regularly consult with professional athletes and organizational leadership, including, NFL, UFC, MLB, NBA, NHL, WTA, and PGA, as well as CrossFit, and NCAA competitors and staffs. I served as the Mental Performance Specialist with the US Army Special Forces, Director of Mental Conditioning with the Evert Tennis Academy, and I direct in-house consultation and leadership development with public and private sector organizations. I’m available to provide dynamic and interactive workshops for your organization and large-scale symposiums.

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